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Follow our System & Integration Development Team on their recent trip to Vilnius!

Do you enjoy your workplace? At S-GROUP Solutions, it's an obvious task to work with maintaining, and increasing, the motivation and job satisfaction of our employees. The reasons for appreciating one's job are plenty and they of course differ from individual to individual. Some of the arguments, that our colleagues usually highlight as reasons why they enjoy working here, are the opportunity to develop in their professional role, self-determination, participation, coaching leadership, helpful and competent colleagues as well as being able to work in an organization that contributes to making our society a little better. 

Another argument is the possibility to have a balance between work and leisure. One of our Development teams recently had the chance to visit S-GROUP Lietuva - our office in Vilnius, Lithuania. It was three days with GEOSECMA for ArcGIS 11.1. in focus and of course also about enjoying good food and fun activities together outside of work. Let them take you on a virtual tour to Vilnius, where they share their best highlights from visiting the beautiful capital of Lithuania!


A warm welcome from Vilnius and our teammates!

Working remote and Teams meetings are great, but nothing adds up to working IRL with all team members in the same room. So we packed up our team members from Karlskrona – UX designers, Testers, Technical Writers, Product and Development Managers – and headed to S-GROUP Solutions office in Vilnius to meet up with our developers there.

We had three wonderful days on site and a warm summer breeze welcomed us when we headed out to discover Vilnius. What immediately striked us was what a lovely and tidy city it is, with beautiful parks and green areas and an eclectic mix of old and new. Let us present our Top 5 Highlights!


The roof top bar at the Neringa Hotel

We had a great start at our hotel and the roof top bar gave us the possibility to get a wonderful view of Vilnius from above. We recommend you to try their cheese & ham plate with a cold beverage! 

Neringa Hotel Vilnius

Vilnius Castle

Discover the city's historical sights

Have a stroll around the city and discover Vilnius historical sites! There are so many impressive buildings with interesting stories connected to them, about everything from true love to old dukes. Visit Vilnius Cathedral and the Cathedral Square, discover Gediminas Castle that will give you an impressive view over Vilnius. 

Vilnius is filled with history – there are so much to see! We had the luxury to have our Vilnius teammates as local guides, which was very helpful. They also managed to learn us some Lithuanian words – like "Sveiki" (hello)!

Trakai – The old capital of Lithuania

Take a 30-minute train ride from Vilnius and you will find Trakai – the old capital of Lithuania. When you have arrived, we recommend that you take a boat tour to discover the beautiful area from waterside. 

And try to time your visit to Trakai with the setting Sun (see the first picture above) – simply amazing!

Trakai boat ride

Cepelinai Zeppelins

Enjoy the Local Food

Remember to always order a soup (!) to your meal – cold beatroot soup could be the most common. Enjoy it together with the main course cepelinai (meaning "zeppelins"), which resembles what we call “kroppkaka” in Sweden. 

And do you know what? We actually have to admit that the Lithuanian version is better! Bravo!

Take a hot air balloon ride over the city

The next time we visit, we must remember to book a sightseeing from above – because a ballon ride is said to be the perfect, and quite unique, way to discover Vilnius! And lucky for us, we will surely come back soon to discover more of this beautiful city and continue our journey towards the new generation of GEOSECMA for ArcGIS together with our team mates in Vilnius. 

Stay tuned for our next trip! 

Vilnius hot air balloon ride city

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